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Eaton Bakery was established in 1995. Eaton has its root in the long family tradition in bakery business. We made everything fresh from scratch. All products are prepared in-house by our professional staff.

Eaton Bakery offers a full range of baked treats and desserts including breads, layer cakes, cookies and full range of cakes. Our signature items come from our taro based breads and cakes. In 2014, we launch Sweetmoon, soft steamed cakes with choices of generous filling that comes with several flavors.

Along with our quality product, our success depends on a well-trained, professional service staffs. We strive to be constantly and consistently friendly, attentive, and courteous.

We want each customer's experience to be an enjoyable one, and we focus on all aspects involved: great products, gracious service, warm atmosphere, heady aromas, and irresistible displays.

Eaton Restaurant opened its first business 1995! We provide high-quality Chinese and Asian dishes. We focus on unique flavors that differentiate us from other Asian restaurants. Our noodle based dishes, especially Kwey Teow, are considered the best in the market.

All of our dishes are prepared daily with the finest of quality and fresh ingredients and seasoned with our own in-house blends of spices.

Our restaurant’s elegant ambiance makes Eaton the perfect location for a small or big group meeting or family gathering.

The management and all staff in Eaton will greet you with the warmest welcome, whether you are a habitual patron or come for the first time. We have made painstaking efforts to create the tidiest and cleanest dining place, and guarantee you with friendly and timely service.

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